Dupolco is a young and dynamic new venture specializing in production within the composite world.
Composites are simply a combination of two or more materials, that when combined in specific quantities
and surroundings react with each other on a molecular level. The chemical structure being altered producing a new grade material.
There are a diverse range of resins, materials and additives each formulated to best suit specific requirements.
Fiber glass (Glass reinforced plastics) being the most common due to its outstanding properties which are:

- High in strength
- Low in weight
- Versatility
- Durability

And its general asthetics, prove this to be by far the material of choice through many sectors of the modern world.
Dupolco's foundation stands on more than 20 years active experience gained bridging many areas of  the private, public, commercial and safety sectors.

Thus enabling us to supply an insight into the principals surrounding composites, material selection, practical points on projects. Not forgetting the realization and production of the desired product.