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Dupolco has been Awarded with the ISO 9001:2015 certificate

Dupolco has been awarded with the ISO 9001:2015 certificate

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Dupolco starts 2013 with a new look and feel!

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Cabinets and Boxes

Dupolco is an Dutch company active in the design and manufacture of lifesaving and fire & safety equipment storage.

Since its establishment Dupolco has developed its products to meet the demands of a range of industries and environments. Our Safety cabinets  are more and more used by clients all around the world

Dupolco has been awarded a TUV Register IPX6 Type Test Approval for its DMO-range of lifesaving and fire safety storage solutions. This, together with our ISO 9001:2015  certification, serves as an independent endorsement of the quality of our fibreglass products.

The high standard of our equipment cabinets is supported by our expertise in production  and the expertise of our distributors and their mechanics out in the field. Therefore we think it’s safe to say we’ll have a solution to all your storage problems 

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DP 16 Firehose Cradle

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DP 16 Firehose Cradle

Polyester laminate construction 3mm thick. The outer layer of the cradle will be a smooth polished gelcoat ral 3000.

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